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We're absolutely thrilled to announce that our next "Golf Pitch Challenge & Mastermind" event will be revealed soon! This isn't just another event; it's your golden opportunity to revolutionize your product and redefine its market trajectory.

Picture this: a gathering where your innovation isn't just seen, but celebrated; where conversations could pivot the future of your product; where every handshake has the potential to turn into a partnership. As you step into our venue, you're not just entering a room — you're stepping into the future of golf.

We understand the power of a great idea matched with the right audience. That’s why we’ve curated an experience that goes beyond the conventional. From one-on-one chats with industry titans like David Leadbetter and Kevin Harrington to exclusive strategy sessions designed to catapult your product from concept to course, every moment is engineered towards igniting sales and visibility.

Embrace this opportunity to not just showcase your invention but to transform it under the guidance of golf's greatest minds. Network, collaborate, and walk away not just with memories, but with a strategy and connections that will elevate your product in the marketplace.

Inventors are encouraged to submit their ideas so they can be contacted to sign up once entry is open. We're not just hosting an event; we're crafting a launching pad for your product's next big leap. The future of golf starts here — with you. Let's change the game together!


Golf Pitch Challenge Events typically include:

  • Keynote presentations by Kevin Harrington & David Leadbetter
  • Engaging discussions with industry leaders and the expert panel
  • Presentations on branding, product development, prototyping, social media, distribution, etc.
  • Product pitches followed by interactive Q&A sessions
  • Networking lunch for collaboration and connections
  • One-on-one strategy sessions in specialized groups
  • Communal photo sessions and content creation
  • Exclusive golf product testing and product showcase
  • Golf Outings & Networking


The Golf Pitch Challenge offers a comprehensive platform and funnel that combines the pitching aspect with networking opportunities, enabling inventors to maximize their exposure, receive expert feedback, and secure the support needed to propel their golf products to success.

How we can help:

  • Hosting events for innovators to pitch their ideas
  • Offering incubator programs for golf products
  • Answering the "Now What?" after idea
  • Mentorship and consulting for top innovators
  • Funding & go-to-market support
  • Product endorsement & distribution support
  • Marketing and brand consulting

Meet David & Kevin


World Renowned Golf Coach, Author & Inventor

With an exceptional record of coaching players to an astonishing 23 Major Championship titles and over 100 individual worldwide tournament victories, his extensive knowledge and experience brings valuable insights to the golfing aspect of any product.

  • World renowned golf instructor

  • Honored as the 2017 PGA Teacher of the Year

  • Distinguished member of the PGA Hall of Fame

  • Authored 8 instructional books with 1 million+ copies sold

  • Launched 7 patented training aids including the StraightAway, Swing Setter and Boomerang.


Original Shark on Shark Tank & Business Visionary

An original "shark" on the renowned TV show Shark Tank, an influential figure in the realm of infomercials, a pioneer of the As Seen on TV brand, and a co-founding board member of the Entrepreneur's Organization.

  • Kevin's expertise in building platforms and cultivating opportunities led to his selection as an original "shark" on Shark Tank

  • Propelled numerous business ventures to unprecedented heights, resulting in a staggering $5 billion in global sales

  • Facilitated the launch of over 500 products, transforming countless individuals into millionaires along the way

  • Kevin possesses the unique ability to disrupt the marketplace and orchestrate game-changing investment deals


The go-to professionals for supply chain & manufacturing

The Locker Brothers are esteemed industry leaders renowned for their expertise in product development,
manufacturing, and distribution. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, they have cemented their position as the go-to professionals for navigating the intricacies of bringing products to market.

  • With a wealth of experience under their belt, the Locker Brothers possess invaluable insights into the practical aspects of product viability and possess a discerning eye for identifying winning pitches.

  • The Locker Brothers have achieved remarkable success, with their brands amassing a staggering $100+ million in sales.

  • Their strategic partnerships with renowned retail giants, including Walmart, along with their presence in various online channels, have enabled them to reach a diverse and expansive customer base.


Former Porfessional Golfer & Social Media EXPERT

A former LPGA/Symetra Tour Player and Big Break Myrtle Beach Cast Member with over 20 years’ experience in the golf industry. Carolin’s passion for growth and innovation has enabled her to work with industry leading brands to successfully help navigate and pivot into the age of social media marketing.

• Experienced leader in Management, Marketing and Sponsorship having held positions within companies like Amazon and Golfzon Leadbetter.

• Social Media professional specializing in aggressive growth strategies for individuals and brands through
innovative content and product positioning.Developed proven growth strategies generating over 100k followers in
under 6 months.

• Golf entrepreneur with mission to grow the game of golf by making it more fun and removing the barriers for the
younger generation to enter the game through new and improved online coaching and innovative and easy to consume instructional content.


Golf club engineer, designer and developer. Advisor to multiple tour players on optimizing golf equipment.

During his two decade career, Santiago has advised and optimized the golf equipment of multiple professional golfers en route to several Victories on different tours worldwide including majors.

  • Worked side by side with David Leadbetter in the coaching of some of the world’s elite golfers

  • Co-development of new golf products of the Leadbetter brand.

  • Has extensive manufacturing, development experience in the golf industry

  • Has consulted for several startups and inventors on how to develop their idea and introduce it into
    the global market.


A highly accomplished investment professional with a wealth of expertise in investment banking.

  • Highly established professional in areas of licensing, M&A's, and securing funding for early stage companies.

  • Integral Member of the Wall Street Syndicate that listed, Draft Kings, Palantir, SoFi, Asana, Ammo.

  • Notable Secondary Offerings include O’Brien Energy $300 mm, M&A transactions Advisor to Mattress Firm $2.4 billion
  • Supported 100+ Angel and Seed Rounds since 1985