Perfect Hands Golf, LLC (PHG) Partners with Signature Golf Products, LLC (SGP) to revolutionize the Golf industry.

Perfect Hands Golf, LLC (PHG) Partners with Signature Golf Products, LLC (SGP) to revolutionize the Golf industry.

Lenexa, KS - Perfect Hands Golf, LLC, a leading innovator in the golf industry, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Signature Golf Products LLC, golf’s newest Venture Studio, co-founded by a renowned group of names in the golf, business, supply chain and marketing industries. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to redefine the golfing experience through innovation and Excellence.

The partnership between PHG and SGP brings together two power houses in their respective fields, combining expertise, resources, and a shared commitment to driving positive change in the Golf industry.

Through this partnership, Golf enthusiast can expect:

  1. Enhance Product Offerings: The collaboration will lead to the development of new and improved products that cater to the evolving needs of golfers worldwide.
  1. Innovative Solutions: By leveraging the combined strength of both companies, we will introduce groundbreaking solutions, design, enhance performance, convenience, and enjoyment on the golf course.
  1. Expanded Reach: Together, we expand our reach and accessibility, ensuring that our innovative products and solutions are available to a broader audience of golf enthusiast.

"Partnering with Signature Golf Products marks a pivotal moment for our organization in the golf industry at large", stated Mario Karagianis, President and CEO of Perfect Hands Golf. "Furthermore, this partnership represents a commitment to excellence and innovation, as we are confident that the combined expertise and resources of PHG and SGP will lead to transformative advancements that benefit golfers of all levels. We are poised to revolutionize the game by driving innovation, accessibility, and excitement for golfers worldwide."

“We are equally thrilled to partner with Mario and the PHG team. This partnership signifies a remarkable synergy of expertise and vision between our companies, poised to drive impactful change in golf and the way that golfers train.” mentioned Santiago Mari, Co-Founder of Signature Golf Products and Leadbetter Senior Certified Instructor.

“Together, we are excited to embark on a journey of innovation and collaboration, delivering exceptional value to golfers of all levels. Throughout our testing and market research, we have seen tremendous improvement in the dynamics and power output of golfers while using Perfect Hands.”

About Perfect Hands Golf:

Perfect Hands Golf (PHG) Is the world’s first ever swing, speed, and strength trainer all in one device. PHG enables a Golfer to quickly develop increased accuracy and distance through resistance training by encouraging muscle memory to occur at an accelerated rate, resulting in a perfect, on-plain swing, every time. Since 2018, we have been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation through science. This has allowed us to remove the negative stigma and skepticism that resides due to so many gimmicky training aids in the Golf industry. Our mission is to disrupt the Golf industry and prevent as many golfers as possible from experiencing the negative journey that's so many have taken to simply enjoy the game, let alone be good at it. For more details on our unique and patented PHG system, visit or contact us at 913-291-0034. 

About Signature Golf Products:

As the Signature Golf Products Venture Studio, the premier hub for innovation in the golf industry, we are on a mission to discover and develop market-defining products that can transform the golf space. We partner with groundbreaking golf products, concepts, or technologies that we believe can shape the future of the industry. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to disrupting and redefining the future of the golf world, providing the resources, expertise, and network needed to turn visionary ideas into reality. For more details on Signature Golf Products Inc., visit


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